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I am writing regarding Copperstone Oil and Gas Properties, LLC in Dallas TX. They are the biggest ponzi scheme around.

The primary company Black River River Resources, INC located at 1700 Pacific Ave suite 1820 Dallas Tx 75201 is a sham. Investor monies are intermingled with other business than Finra allows. Ron Flower belongs in prison. Check out both of his web sites.

BRROG.COM and the lies and *** in the site is just crimminal. This guy is a glorified telemarketer from AT&T and cons people out of money.

This guy has banks he used as fronts for laundering his ill gotten gains. and yet he runs free with a liar who was arrested for just that, lying to authorities.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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San Francisco, California, United States #835493

We check every now and then on the status of this company. My wife tells me to do so and keep abreast of the latest.

I was there for a short period of time

and always was confused as to what both Ron and the other guy Mike was always doing. I'm sure it wasn't Black River Resources, Inc. business. When I ask Mike questions he never knew as if he either was in the dark or somewhere else.

You ask Steve what they were up to and he would just give you a smart *** remark. I wonder if this was just a front for something else that I should have been aware of. Well, I don't wish anyone bad but if they did something wrong they should pay.

What is *** is the fact maybe Ron was directed to get all of these people together and coach them what to say in the event the law or otherwise would come after them. I just don't know.

Arlington, Texas, United States #787247

I wanted to advise everyone that has posted unwarranted remarks. I haven't been with Copperstone Energy since 2012.

When Darren Yancy performs please let me know. The buyer i work with issues his own bank guarantes and spends his own money, so this broker joker blacklist is non sense.

to Starkey #1398563

You are a liar. You know they are fraud and so are you


They do seem to be fraudulent. Anyone feel like taking it to the Texas AG office ? I'm sure they can find plaintiff's.

to burned Bogot, Distrito Especial, Colombia #1295263

I was trying to find info about Wendy Hickman. Now they perform this scam in south america saying that they have interest on businesses with this front office

they purchase services but they dont pay.

they ask you for money so they can repay to you whatever information or work provided.

It is a rip off, stole from me US 4.000

Southlake, Texas, United States #746178

Thanks Yancy for the update. These people are tied with another group within the building they used to be in.

We noticed how they are linking into contacts on the Linkedin site. A legal/warning has been issued on both this party and the ones on the 38th floor of 1700 Pacific Ave.

Dallas, Texas, United States #739803

Wendy Hickman and Shawn Starkey of Black River Resources/Copperstone Oil & Gas Properties - Be careful of these two. They name dropped a big player in the market, representing themselves as his direct conduit to offload busted refinery deals coming direct to them as well as some "select" offers from a trade desk. In our opinion, it is highly unlikely these two have anything real to offer. Our experience was the release of 4 ICPO's and a commercial payorder for a major buyer to them and it all went into a black hole and we never got one drop of fuel. Pissed Consumer has a fraud alert from a former employee -

Yancy International Trading Company, Inc Yancy & Associates, Inc.

2019 E Lamar Blvd Suite 100 Arlington, TX 76006

817-277-6100 Extension 2 800-595-6933 WATTS

817-261-7514 Facsimile 800-261-7519 Toll Free Fax

Inquiries -

Dallas, Texas, United States #739800

Yancy International Trading Company, Inc Yancy & Associates, Inc.

2019 E Lamar Blvd Suite 100 Arlington, TX 76006

817-277-6100 Extension 2 800-595-6933 WATTS

817-261-7514 Facsimile 800-261-7519 Toll Free Fax

Inquiries -

These people name drop and ..............

Dallas, Texas, United States #739799

Check out and Kelly

New York, New York, United States #734388

Well I read everything. Yep I gotten a call from these people sometime ago and it seems to me it was very consistent with those who has dealt with them before.

I was under the impression that this is a oil company and just a real estate firm.

A Yancy guy had this business on a blacks list. now what?

Palm Beach, Florida, United States #686734

ActionMike - Godwin! Amazed and shocked that you would stoop to such levels and post such nonsense!

It's folks like you that should be sitting in a cell for trying to destroy someone's good reputation.

If I recall correctly, it was YOU that solicited people with properties you didn't own. And to think that Ron went to great lengths to help you out when you needed help....tsk tsk.

Copperstone Oil and Ron Flower are honest - enough said.


We have checked out this company and parties associated with this complaint. Sorry to hear about the email hacking amoung other things.

Josh, you have your hands full. Keep working on the upline.


I am sorry to read these comments by an ex-employee of CSOGP. Its never easy to part ways with a colleague after the association did not give the results that were expected.

Then to have these types of untrue comments posted months later hurts me and the people I work with and the partners we work for. Contact me with any questions.

to Ron Flower #1017439


I lost contact with an investment guy by the name of Ron Flower(s - ?) in the Dallas area. Could that be you?

If so, could you please send me the name of the friend of mine you had originally talked with. Thanks

Rita S (in northeast ohio)


My son and I are in the same building with these operations and to be perfectly honest with any one reading any of this, if this is taking place in any fashion it will come to light some day and the readers of this site will know. My son has researched the other company Copperstone Oil and Gas and no record of any production logs what so ever.

The other company Black River Resources is about the same. Either way a good buddy of mine said if one company is raising capital for what ever reason it should not have another within the same walls.

Well sine We are a marketing firm and make it our business who is within our surroundings for just that purpose the directory list both in the same suite. We hope this person who ever he is well and get on the right tract.


I don't know what to think. These guys call me about investing in some sort of flood projects with a return on my investment.

My family friends have put money into these kinds of deals and gotten nothing in return for the primary investment. Is this the same kind of deal that is going on? also the person that worked in this company that was treated so well can say they were privy to the claims made in this posting?

As far as Oilmans question maybe just ask the regulators office to do the verification. They have the enforcement to reveal by auditing this company the true going on within.


i found the information put here is completely wrong. i know the company and in black river resources at the time i was there since i worked there for a while.

i worked for ron and he was good to work for treated me fairly so when i read this it is not what i saw while i was there.

i did sales and there was a few projects they had at the time. when i read this i feel like it is not fair and incorrect from what i saw when i was there and ron flowers is about as good a guy as i have seen in this business.


Can you provide more concrete evidence beyond heresay? I am researching this Co.

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